Light Base ✨ Vs No-Light Base ,Tell me More.

We Have Two Types Of Light-Bases , The First one is our Premium Wooden Light-base ,

What Makes This Light-Base Special (Other than its Wooden Quality) , is that,

1-it Doesn't Require an external power Source(electricity) to Work , It has its Own batteries And Can Light-up your Crystal just with a Single Push Of a Button ,

2-It Can emit 3 different Colors(White , Yellow Warm , White Warm) 

3-The Batteries Are rechargeable(You don't need to buy new batteries every time they Run out of Power)  

Our Second Light-base Type is our Rotating Light Base , 

What makes this Light Base Special is ,

1-its Not Static , It Rotates Your Crystal 24/7 

2-Can Emit 7 Different Colors 

87% of Customers take their crystal/s with a Base-light, 22% prefer wooden-Base for their Crystal/s, 57% opt for multi-color-rotating Base, and around 8% purchase both. Now, let's explore our Customer's Reviews to visually see the distinction.

First ,Crystals With NO Light-Base at all, 


Second- Crystals With a Wooden-Light Base(,no Rotating-function , 3 colors),

And finally , Crystals With a Rotating-Multi-Color-Light base ( 7 Colors)