Know More about us 😺

In 2019 (right before the chaos of Corona), we bravely opened our first physical shop in Germany. But you know what they say about bad timing... So we quickly hit the online highway and never looked back!


Currently, we have 3 Display Centers in Three Different countries, 8 Online Operations hubs, and 2 Full-Capacity warehouses. This is just the beginning.

Glimpse our array of Display-Shops,

(Germany-Aquis Plaza)

(Dubai-Al mouj Mall)

And Now its time to meet Some of our wonderful team members , Without them,Their hard work And Vision for Global operations , we wouldn't be as big as we are today ,

Our First Founder llina (The compassionate/joyful one), She Was the One Who Started this Whole journey(later she was joined by our second founder Isabella) 

(Clearly our First Founder LOVES Art  🖼️🎨)

Our Second Founder , Isabella (The Crazy one 🤪), She joined llina Six month into her journey , She helped Immensely guiding Company's Online operations , Midst And After corona .

Our Amazing Head of Operations(Warehouse And manufacturing)- Leon ,

He joined ClassyCrystals 10 months into our journey , He Built our Processing , Quality assurance And shipping systems From the Ground-up , Without him We Wouldn't be Where we are today🥇.

Our Head of Customer Satisfaction-Julia , to Say That Julia Was the True Force behind our 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate , is an understatement , 

She Built , Tested and designed our Customer Service Processes From Scratch ,Putting in mind as Top priority our Customer Happiness From A to Z.