Quality Guarantee Statement

**Our Quality Guarantee Statement**

ALL OF our products Regardless of Size,Weight OR destination , Are Checked internally 2 Times before of shipping, We Check them One time After The End of our Design Rendering process  And a Second time After Engraving , Just to make Sure that Every Step is done Not just Correctly But Perfectly , But We also understand that the Ultimate Judge about the matter is our Customers ,  And That's why we Specifically Initiated this Quality-Guarantee-Statement , 

1-IF for ANY Reason You Didn't like your Crystal , We Offer a 30 days(We extend it to 45days in some cases) Refund/Replacement Guaranteed 

2-IF Any Damages were done to your Crystal on its way to you , We will Simply Replace it for you ,And NO, we will not Ask you to handle it with the shipping company And enter a prolonged 2 months process with them  , Just send us a Small picture proof of Damage , With Your order number , and it's Done.

If you damaged the Crystal and can't afford a new one, we might replace it for you free of charge. Just be honest about the situation (accidents happen, we understand 💖).